Why free stuff costs you money and time?

Why free stuff costs you money and time?

Why free stuff cost you money and time?

This world has become so greedy and everybody wants everything for free. Nobody is ready to pay the right price.

Why people want everything for free?

From taking advice to assisting in physical work, people want everything for free. They just don’t want to spend any money.

Always Remember

Your time is worth money. Don’t waste it on people who are not worth spending it on.

Don’t give free advice or don’t ask for free advice.

People hardly appreciate when you give them free advice. Get used to ask for something in return.

I will give you example of mine.

I am very good at windows troubleshooting, so my friends used to ask me whenever there is some problem in their operating system. I used to clean all the viruses and other problems. I used to take 3-4 hours on that. After I am done, I used to tell them , install this , install that and then I used to leave his/her home but 5-6 months after I again used to get call from the same person for the same reason and whenever I asked him/her the reason , he/she used to tell me they didn’t install antivirus/required software.

So why did I spend my 3-4 hours helping him/her to troubleshoot his/her computer.

Same thing happens with your free advice. Charge people appropriate money. Otherwise you will spend a lot of your time on useless people or things.

I learned this advice a long ago and I was again reminded by Ray Higdon in his amazing book ” Top Earner Recruiting Secrets

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