Why most people hate Network Marketing ?

Why most people hate Network Marketing ?

I need to put this post on urgent basis today.

I generally meet new people on a daily basis. When they know I am doing Network Marketing , they look down upon me not because I try to recruit them on the spot but because they have bad perception about this industry. This bad impression is not created because of Network Marketing Industry but because of people who are doing Network Marketing the wrong way.

There are so many people who are untrained or not willing to learn, they start to use their own techniques. They mug the scripts and act like telemarketers or they come up with their own methods and they bombard their prospects with their crap and they destroy relationships.

Now you will know, why people hate Network Marketing

The very things which pisses me off are

  1. When people try to recruit someone on the spot
  2. When people send unsolicited links to someone
  3. When they never ask openness of a person and try to close uninterested person
  4. When people lead with hype
  5. When people try to force opportunity on someone without building relationship

If you are prospecting someone, before inviting him/her to see presentation, check whether they are open.

Follow up with people on regular basis.

I know, Network Marketing is a no. game but that doesn’t mean you start destroying your relationships with people by coming across as a sleazy sales person trying to close each and everyone.

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