Why people actually quit network marketing ?

Why people actually quit network marketing ?

Today, I am going to deep dive into the topic which most of other people are afraid to touch. It’s really bothering to me that many people come to this great industry and then they quit. I am in this industry for a long time to see actual attrition rate.

Around 80% people will either quit Network Marketing or join another company.

It actually ceases to amaze me that so many people quit this industry for various reasons. I have seen people even after earning huge chunks of money has quit this industry and even some people who struggled a lot initially are still working in the industry and now they are making good money.

What are the main reasons behind people quitting this industry ?

1. Comfort Zone

Some people put money into network marketing, then their life gets in the way. They face some rejections. They get some sign-ups. They get some part of their money or whole money back and they become complacent.

Some people put money and they are pretty fired up and when they get massively rejected by prospects, they quit the business out of humiliation.

2. Instant gratification trap

When a person comes to network marketing, he/she comes with certain expectations and sometimes that person sets very high expectations and when their expectations are not fulfilled, they quit the business.

3. Lack of people to talk to

A new sign-up talks to his hot and warm circle and handful of them sign up and then he is stuck whom to talk to. He/she runs out of his warm market and now he/she thinks that he/she has got into a lot of trouble and instead of finding new people to talk to he/she starts acting like a manager and then most of the people go to sleep or quit because his bossy behaviour. Read this post to know more about it

You can read a couple of good books on networking here

Harvey Mackay’s Dig your well before you are thirsty

Networking for people who hate Networking

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  1. Hale says:

    I enjoyed your topic. I would have loved to see more of your solutions without needed to go off to the reference material.

    I’ll be back,
    Dr. Hale

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