Why people quit Network Marketing ?

Why people quit Network Marketing ?

This article is dedicated to all those who are too much worried about

Why their downlines or uplines quit Network Marketing ?

In my journey, I have seen tons of people in my upline, crossline and downline have quit the business for various reasons.

And it’s not about whether they make money or not, I have seen people earning thousands of dollars in their first few months or years have quit the business.

So why people quit the business, I can tell you from my personal experience, I will tell you why some of my uplines and many of my downlines quit and still I am doing the business.

  1. Some of my downlines got 15-20 rejections initially with no sign-ups and she quit the business.

  2. One of my friends said he can’t do the business because his job won’t allow him to do it properly.

  3. Some downlines went to sleep because they were afraid what other people will think of them .

  4. One person quit because he has some other priorities than Network Marketing .

  5. One of my uplines quit because of too much negativity & pressure from the family .

  6. One of my downlines quit because he thinks he has no more people to talk about the business.

  7. Some of my downlines quit because some of my upline leaders talked with them straight and asked them why they are lacking commitment and they couldn’t take that and they quit.

  8. Some downlines quit because of they didn’t have access to local training events and support systems .

  9. Some people googled about my company and found something bad and they quit.

  10. One of my upline who has making $15000/month quit because he had some disagreements over some issue with his upline and he quit because he thought it was tough to handle his upline’s ego .

Well, I had many of these reasons and some other reasons which compelled me to quit after my fair share of challenges and failures but I didn’t quit. I pushed through, I challenged my status quo, I got out of my comfort zone but I did what is essential , I am not saying that I am earning million dollars in a year but I will be soon.

I can share a dozen of more reasons to quit but that’s not going to take you anywhere. There are people who succeed at any cost.

I heard this story from one of my mentors….Success doesn’t come to those who are more smarter, intelligent and skillful but it comes to those who are patient enough to go through the grind of self-discipline. You can read that story here .

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