Why prospects think Network Marketers are shady?

Why prospects think Network Marketers are shady?

Have you ever come across a prospect who thinks Network Marketer’s are shady?

Have you ever thought about this, why prospects think about network marketers this way? If not let’s find out.

There are few reasons for this to happen, let’s uncover the reasons

  1. Prospects have been pushed too hard during follow up or pushed to make purchase

  2. Prospect was promised a huge income in the first 90 days and received no support or their promise was far from fulfillment.

  3. Prospect has personally dabbled into MLM industry before and failed once or multiple times .

  4. Prospect knows some people who lost their money in MLM or quit MLM or the company closed down but they don’t know the whole story .

  5. Prospects have seen many untrained network marketers doing it wrong way. That got them thinking that they also have to do it the same way.

  6. Prospects objections and questions were not handled properly and some questions remained unresolved.

  7. Prospects were directly pitched their MLM/Network Marketing Business without actually making any attempt to understand him/her better.

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