Why you can’t afford to miss Pro Marketing Summit?

Why you can’t afford to miss Pro Marketing Summit?

Before I delve into the reason, first of all I want to give you some brief idea about why this event was organized and what will you get out of this event. I am sure after reading this article you can make the informed decision whether to buy or not to buy the recordings.

So why Pro Marketing Summit was organized?

We are all into Network Marketing or Internet Marketing Business and we all need some skill set to advance further into our business. Nobody likes to have their business with very little or no growth. Everybody loves to take their business to the next level but problem is that either they don’t know how to do it or they don’t possess skill set which is required to do that.

Our industry leaders know what is actually happening in our mind, so Mr. Ray Higdon came up with idea of hosting an event with the industry experts who can teach you the required skill to make it happen.

So what will you get out of this event?

This event was organized in Orlando,Florida on 28th and 29th of July. So obviously you can’t attend this event live but fortunately Mr. Ray Higdon, the host,of this event is giving us opportunity to hear them again and again.You can get it here.

Who is speaking at this event?

You won’t believe it but let me tell you. You are going to be blown away when you will hear who were the speakers at this event.

On first day, Ray broke the ice and started event followed by Lena Bjorna. Now Lena is award winning Internet Network Marketer. It was followed by Eric Worre, who is 24 year veteran in this industry and he has earned over 15 million in Network Marketing.

After the Lunch break, Diane Hochman took the proceedings further and she nicely explained the power of promotion and strategies to get thousands of visitors to your site. Mark Hoverson in his 90 minute presentation delivered a lot of value and gave blueprint on how to melt buyer’s resistance and sell your own products like hot cakes. He sold private mastermind worth $4000 at the end of his training and actually gave the demo of how he implemented his own strategy to sell.

The first day ended on a positive note.

tomorrow I will be telling you in detail what happened on Day 2 of Pro Marketing Summit.


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