Why you need to spend more to earn more ?

Spend more to earn more

It looks like a counter-intuitive advice .

Probably you are hearing it for the first time or you may have heard it before.

But what it has to do with Network Marketers ?

But this is true whether you believe it or not.

Is there any logical answer to it?

Most probably not.

You can’t have logical argument to support this statement but you can always experience it.

But some people tend to take wrong meaning from this.

It’s not advising you to spend till you get broke.

It just emphasizes on the law of reciprocation which says “As you sow, so shall you reap.

So some serious thinker may ask….

But tell me,how can spending more money can give me more money?

Before going into more details let’s talk about common man’s mediocre mindset first.

Since our childhood, our brain is wired to think in a certain way, so when someone tries to challenge our basic beliefs, we tend to justify our hardwired beliefs by denying the reality.
I am sure most of the people are raised with the mentality that “ It’s good to save money “. Nobody has told us “It’s better to earn more than saving pennies

I have posted an article related to this on my website: Why You Should Never Use Coupons Or Shop At WalMart If You Want To …

The problem arises because nobody has told us right things.

But think about it for a moment.

Are we really comfortable to spend more money if you have it ?

Most probably , the answer is “ NO

But logically, it should be “YES” but it’s not because logic doesn’t work everywhere.

We can have a healthy debate on this but we can just take two examples to prove my point.

If you are traveling on the road and suddenly you see “ Red Hot Ferrari ” , which thought comes to your mind at that moment? “I can’t afford this” “It’s not for me” ” The owner doesn’t seem like a smart guy, how can he afford it ?

If we hate rich people, we will seldom allow ourselves to become rich.

All such thoughts create resistance in our minds about the money which is stopping us from spending more money.

How many people are comfortable to even go to 5/7 star restaurant for dining ? I am not talking about dinners sponsored by company. I am talking about spending from your pocket. Most people are not.


They think buying Ferrari or buying dinner from 5/7 star restaurant is not worth.


When people don’t have money, they use this secret excuse—“ It’s not worth the money “.

This is the secret excuse of failure .

Next time when you are stuck in such situation ask yourself : Are you really worthy of that money?
If “YES” comes from your heart , you will not feel any resistance but if your logical brain starts rationalizing on how “NO” is justified, you will start coming with all the excuses.

If you don’t feel you deserve something and if you get that, your body & mind will find out ways to get the rid of that stuff. That’s the reason, people who win lottery go broke 5 years later.

Many a times, Money doesn’t come or doesn’t last long just because the person owns it doesn’t know what to do with that money.

  1. If you want to gauge your thoughts about the money ask yourself these hard questions ?
  2. Have you purchased something costly from a shopping mall without looking at the price tag?
  3. When was the last time you didn’t look at the word “discount” “sale”?
  4. When was the last time you didn’t bargain for the price? (now don’t say I did it at fixed price shop)

I am not saying you should not see the price tag or you should not buy from supermarket but you shouldn’t be comfortable with that.

I have interacted & lived with many people like that, who were earning huge chunks of money from their businesses and jobs. All these wealthy and successful people, had this common habit, they didn’t mind spending whenever there was a need.They were comfortable in spending.They never looked at price tag and I think that was the sole reason they were attracting more and more money.


You may know many people who don’t like spending even if they have a lot of money. They will most probably not attract money to their full potential just because of the same reason.

Most people are lottery mentality that’s the reason they are getting broke or remain broke.

Everything in this universe is governed by laws and even money obeys these laws that’s same reason when you spend more, you get even more.

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