Why your prospects are running for the hills ?

Why your prospects are running for the hills ?


If you are into Network Marketing industry for long, you should probably know that why your prospects are running for the hills, what you are doing wrong ? Where you are lacking ?

If you don’t know till now, you should probably read this post.

Has this ever happened to you ? You are talking to the prospect and he doesn’t really get it, whatever you are saying is falling on deaf ears. If this thing is happening to you over and over again , then you are doing something wrong.

I know many people who always lead with hype, they always make tall claims and because they lie and cheat, Network Marketing industry got very bad name and reputation because of them.

When someone new comes to this industry, make him comfortable. Don’t promise him/her bazillion dollars instead teach them how to make extra $2-3 k/month. People are always looking to make mega bucks but everything happens step by step. You can’t promise someone to make $50k/month from next month if he/she is currently making $2k/month. It’s beyond their scope of reality.

If you are giving big promises to new people joining, you are not actually attracting them but you are actually scaring them away.

Don’t promise new people a Ferrari, mansion, first tell them how to talk about your business, how to approach people.

Because if you tell people something outside their scope of reality, they put their guards up and run for the shelter. Be real while you promote your business.

The key is to be grounded in your approach. Train your newly signed up people properly.

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