Why your prospects won’t show up?

Why your prospects won’t show up?

Have you ever faced with this problem?

You have prospected them well, you have identified their true wants and desires, they are open to network marketing industry.

And something goes wrong, they cancel their follow up appointments. They stop picking up your phone. They suddenly become defensive.

You try to get in touch with the prospects but to no avail.











There are three things going on there. Your actions, their actions & unexpressed objections.


You have to ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are you just scratching surface or going deeper into their needs?
  2. Are you meeting/calling prospects at inconvenient time?
  3. Have they understood your business model or products & services you are offering?
  4. Are they really comfortable to the network marketing industry?


Maybe it’s not the right time for your prospects.

You showed them great opportunity, you showed them how they can fulfill their dreams.

But sometimes prospects are not really honest with you or aren’t serious .

If you sense something like this, put the ball in their court.

Or you can tell them this is not the right time for them


I know there were so many people I introduced my network marketing business to, when I started but they had different plans in their mind but 6 months/12 months down the line they joined me.

To be honest, when I was shown Network Marketing Business, I didn’t join for 12 months but my friend followed up with me & eventually I joined the business when the time was right.

It’s just a matter of time.

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